Sunday Assembly Presents:

Join us for the Sunday Assembly’s annual conference from May 18-21 2017

three days entirely dedicated to celebrating life,

building secular communities, and having bucketloads of fun.

San Diego will rock with inspiring speakers, deep thinkers, and great doers.

Gain tools to improve your life, grow your community, and change the world.

Come together for this super celebration of organisers, participants, community builders and anyone else who wants to make a difference
in this one life we know we have.



Sanderson Jones

Sanderson Jones

Sanderson, the co-founder and CEO of Sunday Assembly, will be hosting the event with a sole mission of filling it with as much joy, laughter and celebration as 3 days can handle. He’ll probably also insist on talking about non-religious ‘spirituality’ at some point.

Pippa Evans - TBC

Pippa Evans - TBC

Pippa is Co-founder of Sunday Assembly and is a main organiser at Sunday Assembly London. A prolific comedy writer and performer, Pippa recently won an Olivier Award with her pals at Showstoppers: An Improvised Musical (that’s the top award you can get!). Through Sunday Assembly, Pippa has developed Improv Your Life – a training programme using improvisation as a life skill, to get more out of the day to day.

Paul Svenson

Paul Svenson

Paul Svenson has been a singer/songwriter/song leader for decades. He plays guitar, banjo, bass, keyboard, steel guitar, mandolin, and a number of other instruments. Paul was a professional church music leader for 40 years. His musical interests are wide and varied, but his personal passion is the music that propelled social movements from the underground railroad through LGBT equality and the separation of church and state. Paul is the songleader for Sunday Assembly San Diego, and is on the Board of Directors.

Jacqueline Gunn

Jacqueline Gunn

Jacqueline is the Sunday Assembly’s Chief Community Creator. She spends her days connecting Sunday Assembly Chapters around the world, and will be hosting sessions to help people think deeply and wonder greatly, sharing inspiration from the Sunday Assembly network. Get ready for Philosophical Speed Dating- three minutes, two people and one big question to connect with your fellow humans in a new and exciting way.

Ryan Bell

Ryan Bell

Ryan Bell is an educator, writer, and speaker on the topic of religion, irreligion, and humanism in America; in a previous life, he was a 19 year Seventh-day Adventist pastor. A documentary called A Year Without God chronicles his experiment with living as an atheist, a journey that has been covered by NPR and the Huffington Post. Bell is the founder of Life After God, home of the Life After God podcast, and his blog can be found on

Pascal Gagneux

Pascal Gagneux

Pascal Gagneux is Associate Director for CARTA, the Center for Academic Research and Training in Anthropogeny. His scientific journey has taken him from behavioral studies of wild chimpanzees in West Africa, to non-invasive genetic studies of wild chimpanzees, to the comparative study of cell surface sugars (glycobiology) in humans and other apes and the exploration of their roles in infectious disease and in reproductive compatibility.

and many more to come…



Meet and Greet at a local watering hole.

Join the Sunday Assembly crew for a casual meet and greet. Make new buddies, or reacquaint yourself with old friends—a perfect start to a weekend full of joy!


Good Morning Coffee.

The State of the Nation with Sanderson.

Keynote speeches and discussions to stretch your mind.

Workshops in beautiful Balboa Park.

Immersive experiences to connect with Sunday Assembly friends across the world.


Early Morning Yoga.

Welcome & Keynote Speakers.

Morning workshops.


Open Space—bring your ideas and invite people to join you in conversation.

Town Hall Meeting.

Sunday Assembly General Assembly.

Cabaret Evening with Sunday Assembly’s best performers.


Sunday Assembly Of All The Talents.

12.30 pm Coffee, cookies, and community!



Information coming soon

Friday - Sunday


The conference will be at the San Diego Woman’s Club, three blocks from beautiful and historic Balboa Park, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2016, and which hosted the Panama-California Exposition in 1916. Balboa Park is the home of the world famous San Diego Zoo, and more museums than you can shake a stick at.

The San Diego Woman’s Club, founded in 1892, has a rich and prominent history, and located in the Banker’s Hill neighborhood, which overlooks San Diego Harbor, 2 miles away. Downtown San Diego, home of the San Diego Padres baseball team (sort of like cricket), Comic-Con International (itself home to hundreds of Stormtroopers), and many varied eateries and bars, is 1 mile away.

San Diego Women's Club


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