These 5 Casino Games Are The Most Lucrative On The Smartphone

Every game you play has a so-called payout ratio. This quota indicates how much a game pays out to the player as a long-term profit. This rate is expressed as a percentage, and a payout ratio of 95% means, for example, that the player is paid an average of 95 cents per dollar wagered. It is very clear: the higher the odds, the better the game is for the player.

We have ranked the most popular casino games for smartphones according to their payout ratio:

Slots (95% to 99% payout ratio)

Online slots or slot machines are the most popular games in practically every casino app. Most of these slot machines online have a pretty good payout rate of over 95 percent. This is better than practically any slot machine in classic casinos or paddling halls. The latter, in particular, are rip-offs with a payout rate below 75 percent. But there are a few pointers to keep in mind when it comes to vending machines. Choose the right slots. There are several slots that payout over 99% and are, therefore, the frontrunners. You will always find the exact payout ratio in the description of the slots.

Blackjack (> 99% payout rate)

The simple card game Blackjack is the best game you can play in a casino. In blackjack, you try to make 21 points with your cards and get a better sum than the banker. Blackjack has a strong strategic component, and players who play blackjack with a perfect strategy can achieve a payout rate of up to 99.7 percent! In some casinos, it is even possible to get a long-term win in blackjack by counting cards. Unfortunately, it is impossible to count cards online and with the casino apps, as shuffling takes place after each game.

Baccarat (98.9% payout rate)

The next best game in the casino is baccarat. Baccarat is another game in which a player competes against the banker, and both try to score points using cards according to set rules. The rules and counting are different from blackjack, but the real difference is that the casino takes on the role of banker and player. In the end, you only bet on whether the banker or the (fictitious) player wins. That said, baccarat is a strategy-free, effortless game, and if you bet on the banker, the game has a payout rate of just over 98.9 percent – a good number for a game that you can play without any strategic knowledge. Here you have good chances of winning without any great risk.

Video Poker (> 98% payout rate)

In Video Poker, you get 5 cards, and you can swap as many as you want. Then there is a payout that depends on the strength of the poker hand. Deciding which cards to swap is not easy and requires a lot of strategic skill. On the other hand, most video poker machines have a very good payout ratio of over 98 percent or over 99 percent.

Roulette (94.7% or 97.3% payout ratio)

Roulette is probably the most popular game in any casino. But unfortunately, roulette is also pretty close to ripping off the player with a payout rate that is far too low. Especially the American version, which is played with normal zero and double zero, pays damn badly. It doesn’t matter whether you bet on colors, numbers, rows, or any system. In the long run, the casino will keep more than 5 dollars per game out of 100 dollars stake. With a payout ratio of 97.3 percent, European roulette is much better and can still be played with a clear conscience. But roulette is not one of the best games in the casino when it comes to the player’s chances of winning.