Most Popular Casino Strategies

A successful casino player blackjack online is not necessarily a lucky guy but knows and masters the necessary casino strategies. Mastering strategies give the player higher chances of winning by significantly reducing the casino advantage compared to players jdl 688 online casino malaysia.

We have summarized the most important casino strategies for you:

Blackjack Casino Strategies

Good basic knowledge of the rules of the game and basic strategies are the indispensable prerequisites for a successful blackjack game. The players can read their position about the card combination received from the blackjack table due to the mastery of the basic strategies.

If you don’t know the blackjack table, the following tips can help:

  • Dealer should have bust chance
  • If the dealer shows the playing card 4, 5 or 6, they choose (if they don’t have a soft hand)
  • Always “stood.”
  • Select “stand” for cards totaling 17 or more
  • If your card total is 17 or more, you always choose “stand,” each additional card reduces the “bust” chance
  • Always hand out the ace and eighth playing card, but never sixth and tenth
  • The ace is a very strong playing card, if you have two aces, always deal them out and try to reach the sum of 21 in two attempts. Two-eighths tend to be a very bad playing position because they only have a total of 16. Hand them out and try to reach the sum of 18 and thus improve your playing position.
  • Tens are good playing cards at the start, but two tens are very risky positions. If you distribute two sixths, you reach the worst basic position.

Casino Strategies Roulette

Roulette strategies act at least as much as the game itself, with the “Martingale System” being the world’s most famous strategy. The Martingale system’s basic principle is based on the double bet that is used due to losing. We do not recommend the “Martingale System” because we believe it will lead to bankruptcy.

Progressive Bet On Roulette

In contrast to the “Martingale System” is the progressive betting system, whereby you progressively bet on your winnings. Bet on 5 different digits per chip. If you lose, try again until you hit at least one digit. Then they place an additional chip on each digit inserted. Always add a chip when you hit it. If you lose, you go back to your initial bet, one chip for each digit.

The progressive system offers higher profits on meeting and limited or normal laps on losing. With this system, you bet progressively with your winnings and not with your bets, and that is exactly the biggest difference to the “Martingale System.”

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